i am disgusted by what death

looks like even before the body begins to rot—

that being able to touch life into

unbecoming is not the kind of god i want to be.

i began:
god, swear my body is not a keepsake for all your silences.
swear you can’t hear these things droning like terrified frogs in my head.
swear you do not know that i am unwelcome in this body.

Have you collected enough of your things?
This house tugs at you
a little girl looking for coins
searching for language to smooth things over.

A body is an excellence of bones 
A union  of skin
And breathing mishaps.

I burn my father’s prayers in a heap of hemp, & marijuana. I, vagabond because the wind will not leave me. The road ahead is a forbidden way leading to a discotheque for lost boys. […]

what tethers me to you are the umbilical cords/ spiral of our descent/ the rites of passage/ sacred acres of our beginnings what binds me/ are the incisions on our wrists/ panegyrics/ lyrics holding our […]

I carry my homeland 

wherever I go. It shows and scents on my clothes. 

Yesterday at the market, without telling her, a woman 

said to me “ìlú àwọn alfa loti wá (you come from 

the homeland of Mullahs).”

In the wake of dawn, the Muezzin’s voice pierces my sleep. I can feel God’s hands pressing on my chest to awaken me for prayer. Memory becomes reminisce as I wash my body, reminding me […]

Ma is unrehearsed mayhem:                 vendor of uppercut & jawbreaking kicks. attacks with both twins strapped to her back. infamous for pulling off wigs at                                                                                        the market place. she that volatile. though gentle, if a brawl […]

4chan / subreddits to connect the weirdragged-faced, trying to connect the beard fake news! — gave up trying to detect the botsat awkward dinners trying to connect with Pops; or at instameets, trying to connect […]