Portrait as Adam

first son of a
first son of a
first son/

first seed seeking
the first light/ 

first tree in the first 
season of the first harvest/

first love bathed
in the pangs of first blood/

I’m at first a desire, 
then a boy, a man/

a testimony of an ascent
into a union of passengers/

everything I am 
is wanting & needing/

every bone, every 
hollow, this image/

is a god fashion-made for you/
the heritage of a name

is in its appropriateness/
& mine found its perfect spot in you—

eden with the taupe skin/
eden with a rivery laugh/
eden, my first lover’s breast/

in you, I flourish/
in you, I sober/

*Photo by Rasa Kasparaviciene on Unsplash.

Olumide Manuel

Olumide Manuel is a poet, author, teacher and environmentalist from Nigeria.