Thanks for indicating interest in being part of A Long House. In starting the platform, we decided to articulate our thoughts, reasons and hopes in a Vision Statement. Please take time to read and acquaint yourself with our thinking and interests.

We are interested in writing that elevates language, experiments and thoughts that enlarge the boundaries of forms and genres. We publish critical discourse, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, philosophy, memoirs, conversations, collages, illustrations, film and works that subvert these genres. We mostly have no restrictions, except that interested persons are serious and take the art of thinking seriously.

Submissions are open to the public for our issues and projects. Specific details for each issue/project like the theme, word length, genres and etc will be stated alongside the announcement for each issue/project. 

For regular contributions, we only publish work from contributors rather than one-off submissions. This is to help us give a space to people who are invested in doing long term thinking and long term artistic development, and who would pick up where they left off, or turn around and disagree with their earlier stance or style. To become a contributor, please send a proposal with the following details all contained in a single pdf document to alh (@) alonghouse (dot) com with the title Proposal to Become A Contributor :

A proposal of 300 words max telling us why you want to contribute to A Long House and a writing sample. Your writing sample can be a link to an already published piece and can come from any genre. Please try to read some of our work to familiarize yourself with what we might be interested in.

Rights revert to authors and authors can do as they please with their work, although A Long House will be able to publish such work across its platforms. If you republish work originally published on A Long House elsewhere, we will be grateful if you mention that it was published on A Long House first.

At the moment, A Long House’s only source of funding is its founding editors. As writers ourselves, we are thoroughly sad that we can not immediately begin with paying contributors, yet we strongly recognize the need for remuneration and we are working hard on resolving this. We have ongoing plans for fundraising and we hope to be able to begin paying once these begin to work out.