Introducing A Short Talk

A Short Talk is a series of short interviews and conversations with writers, editors, artists, and cultural workers across Africa and the Black diaspora. It is conceived as a companion (not an abridgement or summary) to A Long Talk, our series of longer conversations between black writers, editors, and artists. The format of A Short Talk is simple. It will consist of no more than 8 and no less than 5 questions posed by an editor at A Long House. The questions will examine the intricacies and joys of craft and what constitutes the role and relevance of literature and art now. They will also illuminate the work and processes involved in nurturing a literary ecosystem and a landscape of art, especially in Africa. We will strive to keep the questions fresh, insightful, and engaging. The conversations are curated with this goal in mind: to bring us what we do not know and shed fresh light on what we already do about those contributing to literature and art across Africa and its diaspora. 

Our first interview in the series is with Rémy Ngamije, a Rwandan-born Namibian writer and editor and the winner of the 2021 Commonwealth Short Story Prize for the Region of Africa. 

The interview is conducted by Joseph Omoh Ndukwu.

Read the interview here.

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