Joseph Omoh Ndukwu

Joseph Omoh Ndukwu is a writer and editor. His work appeared in Guernica, Prairie Schooner, A Long House, Transition, and elsewhere. His essays on art have appeared in The Brooklyn Rail, The Sole Adventurer, Contemporary And, and in catalogues and journals. In 2021, he was selected for the Momus Emerging Critics Residency, and in 2022, he won the Virginia Faulkner Award for Excellence in Writing. As an editor, he has worked with The Sole Adventurer (TSA) Art Magazine; with Goethe and the Society for Book and Magazine Editors of Nigeria (SBMEN) on an anthology of art writing and criticism; and with, an internet platform that published essays on black experience in contemporary times and other related concerns. He lives in Ibadan, Nigeria.

Joseph is an associate editor at A Long House.

“I know there are many images of home borne about by people, vast libraries inside of them over which they would have taken darkness, the sounds of them so depressing, so disturbing they would gladly exchange them for silence.”