Adedayo Agarau

Adedayo, shortlisted for the 2022 Brunel International African Poetry Prize, is a 2022 Robert Hayden
Scholarship fellow of Stockton University and the recipient of the 2022 Stanley Awards for
International Research at the University of Iowa. He is studying for MFA at the Iowa Writers’
Workshop ’23. His manuscript, The Morning The Birds Died, was a finalist in the 2021 Sillerman
Prize. His chapbook, Origin of Names, was selected for New Generation African Poet (African Poetry
Book Fund), 2020, while Vegetarian Alcoholic Press published his chapbook, The Arrival of Rain in
January 2020. His poems are live or forthcoming in World Literature Today, Anomaly, Frontier, Iowa
Review, Boulevard, and elsewhere. Adedayo is the Editor-in-Chief at Agbow├│: An African magazine
of literature and art. Adedayo edited Memento: An Anthology of Contemporary Nigerian Poetry. You
can find him on and @adedayo_agarau on twitter.

“every god has its own song, its own dance, its own ritual:
a warlord swallows a pinch of fire, spits a volume of fury”