A Long Talk: A Conversation Between Khaled Olufemi Mamah and Sambacor Konate.

Two visual artists: Khaled Olufemi Mamah (Fhemy.raw) and Sambacor Konate (Le Jardin Jolof) discuss African art, fashion, photography, masks, history, and griot tradition in Mali and other parts of West Africa. They speak in the home of Le Jardin Jolof, a house filled with plants, masks, stools, wall pieces, and carvings. 

Le Jardin Jolof, a photographer, gardener, and designer, talks about his artistic development, inspiration, and practice. The origins and histories of masks matter to him as portals to the different communities they come from. He utilises found objects and family possessions to create work that speaks to a unique African identity. His name Le Jardin Jolof, which he expounds on in the conversation, encapsulates his passions and preoccupations—gardening, the need for undisturbed space to create, and the history of African kingdoms and peoples. 

Fhemy.raw, a photographer, began as a street photographer but found himself moving through the world of fashion, first as a model, then as a designer’s assistant, and eventually as a fashion photographer. He speaks of his work in distinctively collaborative terms. His interest in fashion photography bloomed through hanging out in circles of photographers and fashion designers. His work with Konate, one can tell, takes on a special delight for him because of the collaboration that birthed it. 

They speak keenly about division along caste lines in Africa and other exclusionary practices, ending on a note for Africans to work together, fostering practices of mutual support.

Sambacor Konate
Sambacor Konate —Lejardinjolof— is a visual artist. He tells the story of African culture and tradition. His work focuses more on African masks which allows him to share his aesthetic perception of art by mixing decoration, fashion, culture, and plants. His ultimate goal is to promote African heritage, but his practice has also allowed him to highlight some social issues confronting us in our modern times.

Khaled Mamah
Khaled ‘Fhemy’ Mamah is a versatile photographer from Benin, currently based in Dakar. While his primary focus is fashion photography, he also has a passion for exploring various genres of photography. With an artistic eye and a passion for storytelling through imagery, he weaves narratives that celebrate the beauty and diversity of fashion. From capturing the vibrant fashion scenes of West Africa to exploring global influences, he brings his perspective to the world of fashion photography. As a visual storyteller, his work goes beyond aesthetics, seeking to evoke emotions and spark the imagination. Collaborating with talented professionals, he creates visuals that showcase the fusion of style, culture, and individuality.